Welcome to Chemfresh

We supply a variety of products in domestic and industrial sizes.
Chem-Fresh was founded by Mr Edward Moshole in 1999. We have manufactured a wide range of top quality products that cater not only for domestic needs & general household, but also for automotive cleaning, laundry and personal care. Chem-Fresh is committed to creating an image of excellent customer service for current & prospective clients! Top quality products and quick delivery time makes us different.

Founder of ChemFresh

Eddie Moshole, a man who failed his exams at school five times. He became a cleaner in Germiston, Johannesburg, and started a business with just 68 Rand. Today he has made millions with an idea he came up with while pushing a broom.  More Videos

Products that cares your daily need.

Detergent, surfactants & disinfactants raw materials and all range of household cleaning detergents & skin care pack size for retail & industrial

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